A wide scope of standard and custom solenoid valve manifolds in metal, aluminum, and stainless steel for are Series 20, 30, 50, and 70 OEM solenoid administrators are accessible from Peter Paul Electronics Co., Inc.

Manifolds speak to a temperate, dependable strategy for gathering solenoid valves in low profile, conservative exhibits in applications from drink administering to restorative hardware. With less channeling and less fittings, the utilization of manifolds permits speedier solenoid valve establishment with essentially lessening potential for spillage and string harm. Valve bunches are much of the time conveyed amassed to-complex and completely production line tried for release free activity at indicated weights.

Where conceivable, valve mounting bases are utilized with the goal that the manifolds might be just and reasonably penetrated and tapped. Then again, making custom depressions and seats in stainless steel manifolds pieces is as often as possible an intricate assembling answer for applications where valve/complex tallness is an essential combination.

Standard PeterPaul manifolds are offered with 2, 4, 6, and 8 stations, however practically any direct or over/under complex setup can be determined. Also, PeterPaul gives an existence of secluded, anodized aluminum or stainless steel stacking valves connected together with basic tie poles. For level or vertical mounting, these stacking valves streamline in-the-field solenoid valve expansion or substitution, pleasing lodging from any of the standard PeterPaul arrangement.

Standard and custom metal, aluminum and stainless steel manifolds and stacking bodies delivers by PeterPaul incorporate (clockwise from 6) anodized aluminum particular stacking bodies with an assortment of valve lodging and regular tie poles; anodized aluminum 2-station complex with Series 50 grommet valves; stainless steel 8-station directional control valve with Series 30 channel valves; extraordinary 2-station aluminum hinder with Series 30 spade terminal curls; metal 3-station complex with Series 15 DIN style connectors; metal complex with 2-way NC arrangement 30 grommet valves; and 6-station anodized aluminum complex with Series 50 burden/spade terminal loops.


Standard, customary, one piece machined stainless steel, aluminum, or discretionary metal manifolds permit the conservative, low genius le gathering of valves in minimized clusters. These manifolds are ideal for xed, nonstop activities. Accessible with Series 50, 30, 20 and 70 administrators.



Essential valve and manifolds mixes for the refrigerant recuperation/reuse gear advertise. Our implicit back weight configuration dispenses with the requirement for check valves and refrigerant spillage to air amid HVACR framework overhauling.



Our metal, fasten solenoid valve 1/8″ NPT and 1/4″ NPT male ports improve valve to complex connection and complex creation. The metal valve bodies help to dispose of spillage and give required high burst weight evaluations and furthermore make manifolds less demanding to deliver, with one focus bore associating the valves. Click Through the Following Webpage


Reasonable MANIFOLDS

A stacking valve body for Series 15 and 50 are held together with strung tie poles and comprise of passivated 303 stain-less steel or anodized aluminum bodies and is intended for numerous solenoid valves activities and more noteworthy ow limit up to 700% for faster reaction times.

This building piece complex is utilized as a part of the outflow analyzer and gas handling elds. The modules are 90% machined and bored from bar stock and can be in an inside or end position in the complex. A pre-bored port associates all modules and the nish boring of every valve module decides the ow design through the complex. Presently people can blend and match these vales bodies with minor boring activities to meet client application necessities.

Sort Available: Grommet, Conduit, Spade Terminal or DIN Type Coil Options: Molded and Non-formed

Arrangement Available: 15 and 50

Ori ce Sizes: Refer to Series 15 or 50

Porting: 1/8″ NPT

Weight Rating: Refer to Series 15 or 5

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